Team Limasonic

Limasonic is comprised of three Electrical Engineering students.  Kevin Clark, Steven Kalman, and Jared Vawter are all specializing in communications and will be graduating in May of 2005. Information on group 5 and their contributions can be viewed below.

Kevin Clark

Steve Kalman

Jared Vawter

Kevin, who specialized in communications here at UVic, worked on the mechanical design and implementation, along with electronic design and simulation.  In addition to these traits Kevin brought the added sparkle to the project that was an integral part to the presentation.   Kevin is an avid auto enthusiast and spends his free time fixing old cars and dreaming about new ones.

While at UVic Steve has become familiar with both DSP, and communication design. After many years in school the break that convocation in June will provide is very welcome.  In between looking for a job Steve hopes to get in some hiking, and biking throughout Vancouver Island.  During this project Steve has worked on the filter design, transmitter construction, website, documentation and display for presentation. Jared, also specializing in communications here at UVic, contributed to the project in several areas including: mechanical and electrical design, theoretical research, as well as testing and simulation. Upon graduation, Jared will be returning to Ottawa for full-time employment with the government of Canada and hopes to pursue his master's degree a few years down the road.  In his spare time Jared enjoys golfing, break dancing, fine cigars, and the occasional poker game.