Appreciation goes out to Maxim, Digikey, and Texas Instruments for their sample programs and speedy delivery service that allowed a functional design with the ultra low budget of three starving students.

Gratitude to IEEE for its involvement in the 499 projects and providing awards to those disserving projects including our own.

Groups of the 2005 499 project we salute you. Group 9 for always being there, adding amusement, and for their continued support to William Shatner's musical career. Group 10 for also always being there and the repeated use of your usb drives.

To the lab techs Lynn, Rob, and Paul which were outstanding in keeping the lab functioning we would like to express our sincere appreciation.  Each one of you were an invaluable resource for understanding the true nature of design by pointing us in the direction of different circuit alternatives to our design.
Finally, we would like to thank Dr. Zielinski for his continued support during the entire process of our project.  Without his guidance and expertise we would be still fighting with design issues and would not have a working model.